Exercises for Reducing Belly Fat

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Who does not want to be slim and attractive – man or woman – every body likes a well shaped body and wish they had one as their age advances.

The weight gain most often is like the age that creeps up on us – secretly engulfing us until the signs of aging surprise us in the mirror. All of sudden you would observe that along with tiny wrinkles you also gain a rounder belly cause of fat.

In most cases, if caught in the initial stages, fat around the belly can be controlled with a definite correction in the diet. However, once the fat has established itself around your middle, you will need to use exercises along with diet changes to reach desired results.

Exercises for belly fat reduction

Here are a few exercises that can help you reduce belly fat:

1.) Standard crunches

You need to sleep on your back with your knees bent, and then with your hands kept on the chest lift your shoulders off the ground. Change the crunches to the next level after a week or so, by keeping your hands at the side of the head and lastly keeping your hands above your head.

2.) Reverse curls

Lying down on the back with the knees bent, pull up your knees to the chest, keeping the hips on the floor to the maximum possible extent. While doing the exercises, concentrate on your breathing technique.

3.) Combination of both the crunches

Sometimes, when you are experienced enough with the first two exercises, you could combine them and continue with this until you find in yourself the desire results and start loosing stomach fat.

4.) Skipping Rope

If the above exercises seem tough, you can simply start off with ‘Skipping rope’. Skip rope early mornings preferably after taking a brisk power walk. Start with skipping 50 times and then gradually increase to 100 and 200 times at a stretch. Make sure that you do not strain yourself by jumping too high. Jump as close to the floor as possible.

Myths Against Facts

1.) Ab exercises would replace the fat with muscle mass – this is a myth. There is no way by which the abs exercises would replace the fat around the middle unless you create a deficit in the intake of the calorie. One of the best ways to achieve this is to design a workout consisting of strength training, aerobic exercises and a much disciplined diet.

2.) Quick-fix exercises – there is no such thing as quick-fix exercises for reducing the fat you have accumulated around your middle. You would find many advertisements announcing exactly this slogan. However, be aware that there is no such thing. You would need to undergo a whole regime of exercises that aims at removing fat from all over your body and only then you would find relief from the fat that has accumulated around your belly

3.) Posture is not important – there could be nothing further from truth. The way you stand can determine the way your abdomen is shaped. You need to pay attention on the way you stand. In case you do not know what is a correct posture – knees should be ever so slightly bent, your shoulders totally drawn back and your neck and head evenly balanced (your head should not be seen as leaning forward).

Diet Tips for Belly Fat Reduction

Here are some dietary recommendations to consider:

1.) Start Your Day With a Raw Food Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this also has to be the most healthy meal of the day. Make your breakfast a cleansing diet. 4 days a week, eat a breakfast consisting of only salads made of green veggies and sprouts. You can include cucumbers, raw carrots, dates, raw tomatoes, sprouts like sprouted groundnuts, sprouted peas. A healthy breakfast is great for belly fat reduction.

The remaining 3 days eat a breakfast purely consisting of fresh fruits like apples, guava, bananas, grapes, berries, and melons. Don’t juice the fruits, but eat them in their whole form. Consider peeling the skin.

2.) Avoid Fried and Processed Foods

Stay away from junk food, but don’t torture yourself. Give into your cravings once or twice a week so you can stay focused longer. Reduce the consumption of soda and instead drink more water or fresh fruit juices minus the sugar.

If you have any additional tips on reducing fat naturally, please let it in the comments below.