Losing Weight Improves Mobility, Reduces Back Aches and Enhances Sleep! (My Story)

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Part of the reason I’m losing weight is because of my Patella Femoral Syndrome.

Basically, my knees really hurt, and it’s because of the design of my body. My femurs bow outward from my knees, causing my knee caps to rub the wrong way pretty much all the time. There is little you can do for it since it’s the way my body is designed.

However, losing weight is a no-brainer to help with foot, knee, leg or back pains. The less weight you have to carry, the less strain that is on those muscles and joints. This sparks a positive cycle in my activity.

My knee problems are at the top of my list of weight-related problems. I’m lucky not to have more – but that may be due to losing 10% of my weight already! Anyway, my new goal is to lose another 10% of my weight in six months. I’d been hearing from folks how important it is to make that your first goal, and how it’s an attainable one. But it’s easy to plateau after that.

Once you’ve hit that plateau, it’s time to really hit the exercise hard – and not just walking. Walking is great for your body, and easy exercise, but it takes so long for it to make a huge impact. Running can be hard on your joints, so a better alternative would be the elliptical and swimming.

Reducing Aches and Improving Mobility

You will be amazed to know how the impact of just one pound, or one inch off your belly, can have on making your body feel better.

For example, a new study found that for every pound of body weight lost, it takes off four pounds of pressure from stress in your knees.

Losing that weight also launches you into a positive cycle. The better you feel, the more you can move, so the more weight you can lose.

So, even if you’re only able to walk, try exercising every day for a half hour.

Do it early in the morning or if you have to go to work, during your lunch hour if you can. Either way, you’ll see the weight start to shed off. The two weeks that I lost the most weight were weeks that I ramped up the physical activity.

This second weight-loss-related positive on your body will shock you as it did to me when I heard it first.

For every inch you lose on your belly or waist, you take 100 pounds of pressure off your back.

Whoa! Isn’t that great? Each time you bend over imagine all that weight bearing down on you. Imagine what only losing one, or a few pounds can do for making your body feel better when you move around!

Other Health Benefits of Losing Weight

In addition to the above mentioned weight loss positives, there are various other ways how your body can benefit as it gets skinny.

For instance, according to a research, losing only 10% of your current weight can increase the overall energy level of your body, lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol and also improve your blood sugar levels.

In addition to that research has also found that losing weight improves your breathing and can help you sleep better so you have more energy during the day!

Written by Nicole Jobst

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