This is How I Make My Burger Healthy!

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Sometimes, while on your diet, you will get the hunger for some beef; juicy, mouth-watering hamburger.

Don’t fret, there are ways to satisfy that normal craving, while keeping your burger healthy. Remember, there are also alternatives to having that fattening beef – and I promise they taste really good if you dress them up right!

Check out some tips to force your burger to be healthy, to make the alternatives healthy and satisfy that craving!

Making Your Beef Burger Healthy

While it is certainly the more healthy choice, you don’t always have to skip that hamburger during your annual grill-out. You also don’t have to eat it just plain on a bun or gasp, without a bun!

For starters, always go that extra step to purchase 93% lean beef. It’s there, at the bottom of the freezer at the store. Just keep looking and don’t give up (no excuses). It will make a huge difference on your calorie intake for that burger.

Another way to make it healthy is to bulk it up with disguised healthy fillers.

Mix your ground beef with black beans, chopped peppers and onions or even mushrooms to bulk it up. Not only does this taste great, but it will make your burger bigger while having less beef.

Healthy, Tasty Toppings and Buns

If you want to have your patty plain, that’s great! That takes a lot of calories away from toppings and buns you often accompany with that patty. But, that’s boring. There are healthy decisions you can make for these options as well.

A bun is a bun. It’s always going to be loaded with carbohydrates. You can, however, opt for a thin bun or some pita pockets.

There is a lot of debate over which is better: pitas or bread. They are very similar, and frankly in most cases pita bread has more calories. However, when you use bread (or rolls/buns), you are using twice as much of a portion. Therefore, in the long run you’re taking in more calories. This boils down to a personal taste preference, then, and I personally prefer pitas.

For toppings, try to stick to vegetables. Remember, you can sauté them if you wish. With cheese, there is no particular cheese that is less fatty than the other. However, you can keep your eye out for low-fat cheeses which are made for almost any type of cheese.

I personally prefer goat cheese, which has a bit less calories than most cheeses. I just like it because it’s quite tasty!

Dressing Up That Veggie-Burger

Use the toppings above to dress up your plain burgers, and make sure to switch it up often so you don’t get bored.

Try Dijon mustard one night (very healthy), then sautéed onions the next night. Experiment and try out what you like best.

So, what does your healthy burger look like? Mine is a Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Veggie burger, served in a pita with Greek yogurt as a topping. It’s my FAVORITE!

I even prefer it over a juicy, beefy burger… honest!

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  • Something I recently starting reading up on is Bison meat. They have available bison burgers and every other kinda meat. Go lean bison meat for a lot less calories and less fat. Not to mention no hormones nor antibiotics added. 🙂