Proven Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat Fast

lose thigh fat

First of all you should aim not to get thunder thighs in the first place. This is very common with women who are prone to put on weight due to lack of exercise and overeating or a combination of these two. It is always easier to prevent something than cure it - hence, you should aim at fighting weight gain right at the beginning, which would definitely be much easier than later on when the thighs are engorged with fat and cellulite.

How To Prevent Thunder Thighs

Let us start with the easy things - prevention of thigh fat gain. You could always prevent the fattening of your thighs by the following measure singly or a combination of more:

Exercising - this is an excellent way to keep loose thigh fat and also for burning hip fat. In fact just 20-30 minutes exercises per day can do wonders not only to your body but also to your mind. You could slot a certain time every day (preferably the same time every day) for exercise and this should be carried out without any interruption. In case you are not really a fan of exercising, try walking (which is an excellent cardio as well). Start with 15-20 minutes brisk walk and gradually extend it to one whole hour. Walking, cycling, swimming, are some of the exercises which are extremely beneficial not only to shape your thighs and legs, but also overall stamina and body tone.

Develop an outdoor sport hobby/ passion - choose from among the hundreds of outdoor games - be it tennis, squash, badminton, TT, golf, etc. where you could enjoy a brisk work out and have your exercise as well. The more active the outdoor game, the better your chances to fight the thunder thighs development. Such exercises help developing muscles and muscles always burn fat.

Pay attention to your diet - diet is the key to maintaining a great body. You need to take extreme care not in starving yourself as most people do, but for eating in moderation. You can eat whatever you please, but in moderation. Ensure that your daily diet includes plenty of fresh vegetable and fruit. The food that can be consumed with the least interference (cooking) is the best for you.

Exercise To Get Rid Of Thigh Fat And Cellulite

You have seen how you could prevent thunder thighs. But what would happen when you already have it developed? What can you do when you already suffer from huge, fatty thighs? Do not despair.

Exercises are the best weapon you can have against loosing thigh fat fast is building muscle. As soon you build muscle - even if the fat is replaced pound for pound with muscle, you would look much better because the volume occupied by muscle in the body is much, much less than the what fat occupies. The best exercises that affect the thighs in particular are:

Squats with weights - take equal weights in both hands and hold them loose. Bend knees (with back perfectly straight) at 90 degrees and then straighten them. Repeat until you feel the thigh muscles burning.

Leg extensions - use resistance bands and using the chair leg as one end and the other your ankle extend your leg. Do this with breaks at every 30 seconds.

Walking - brisk walking is a great muscle builder. Start with 15 minutes and increase to one hour or more every day. Remember, for it to work you should walk briskly.

Following these procedures should easily help you loose thigh fat fast and develop sexy thighs.