Lose Weight Eating Fruits for Breakfast (My Story)

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Biologically, it has been noticed that the body has the tendency to start the process of “excretion”, of wastes, towards a time period between 4 AM to 12 PM, which is basically from early morning towards noon.

This is one reason why you have a bad breath, coated tongue, dusty eyes and bowel movement in the morning as you wake-up.

It’s quite a revelation to understand that the process of excreting wastes, or “detoxifying”, actually continues till noon time (till around 12 PM). When the body is not given ample time to relieve the wastes, not just in the intestines but also in the blood stream and cells in general, it starts storing up these wastes in the cells, intestinal linings and also in the fat tissues.

The more wastes that are stored up in the body the more unnecessary weight you carry around, plus the toxicity of these wastes leads to a slow down of your body’s functioning leading to health disorders.

Eating fruits for breakfast, how it helps weight loss?

Eating fruits for breakfast, and sticking to fruits till noon-time, is one of the best ways to not only supply the body with energy for the detox process but also to allow the body the “free time” to give full attention to detoxification instead of being bogged down in the process of digesting foods/beverages.

So instead of consuming that bagel, donuts, buttered bread, milk & cereal, omelet or bacon, have a bowl of citrus fruits for breakfast followed by some sweet fruits for mid morning snack.

You will be amazed at how brisk you feel in the morning when you eat a fruit breakfast and will notice a definite reduction in your weight within just a couple of weeks of following this eating practice.

Whatever be your diet plan for lunch or dinner, you can certainly lose weight fast by including an all fruit breakfast plan into the mix.

A wholesome fruit breakfast has several other health benefits than just losing weight, but it’s a definite catalyst to help quicker weight reduction.

My personal experience with eating fruit breakfast

Having lived a highly unhealthy lifestyle of eating processed foods and unwholesome/fattening foods, and touting a sluggish and puffy body as a result, I decided to detox with a fruit breakfast plan based on the insights I got from a book called “Fit For Life” by Harvey Diamond.

I decided to focus on eating whole fruits (so that the dietary fiber is not removed) instead of juicing them.

I also understood that citrus fruits are like virtual fat burners because of the Vitamin C content present in them that helped the body metabolize fat.

So my plan was to eat a bowl of citrus fruits in the morning on empty stomach (around 8 am) and have a snack of sweet fruits, or have a glass of juice, around 11 am.

Some fruits that I included in my breakfast are – Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Grapefruit, Grapes, Tangerines. I also ate an apple, pear or guava, if I felt an appetite for it. Around 11 am I would have a couple of bananas or eat some cut pineapples, mangoes, apple or papaya.

Eating fruits allowed me to have an active morning, with no “sluggishness”. I felt more energized, my brain felt more focused and creative and my body as a whole felt agile. I liked the feeling generated by this simple breakfast of fruits and so it was easy for me to continue this eating pattern without requiring any “will power” or discipline.

I was able to see some very vivid results with respect to weight loss.

I easily lost close to 5 pounds in a period of 2 weeks, despite the fact that I was not into any exercises or work outs at that time. Neither did I make a marked change in my eating patterns at lunch or dinner (I had stopped over-indulging in processed foods, and was focused on eating more whole foods for quite a while before I started this fruit breakfast plan).

So the fruit breakfast plan accentuated the process of weight loss for me and helped improve the overall fitness/health of my body. If you’ve never tried this before you will be amazed at the positive results you will see within just a few weeks of sticking to this plan of eating.

I would like to answer a few common questions that come through from people who are planning on trying the fruit breakfast plan for weight loss.

Are there any fruits that I should avoid eating?

Eating fruits has never lead to weight gain in anyone, because it’s a natural food. Therefore the body can sense when it has a reached “satiation” and thus you can avoid over-eating.

You can eat as much citrus fruits, or sweet fruits, as your body allows for until it reaches satiation.

There are no fruits that you need to avoid, even avocados (that are the only fruits with high fat content) are healthy fruits because they contain essential fats and anti-oxidants.

Some people find that mixing citrus fruits with sweet fruits (like bananas, papaya or guava) causes unpleasantness in their stomach, so you might want to avoid this combination. It’s best to give a one hour break between eating citrus fruit and eating sweet fruits.

How much fruit should I eat for breakfast?

As explained above, you can eat fruits till your body reaches satiation.

Fruits are rich in water content which allows for a quicker feeling of satiation, and the natural sweetness of the fruits allows the body to judge clearly on how much calories can be obtained from it, thus giving a “stop” signal as soon as its has had its fill of required calories.

Can I eat only fruits through out the day for quicker weight loss?

There are some people who try a radical eating change of only taking fruits through out the day, for a quicker weight loss.

It’s okay to follow such a diet for a couple of days or even for five days, but I personally feel that any period longer that this would require some educated supervision and consultation.

It’s hard to imagine that the body can get all the required essential fats, proteins and minerals simply by eating fruits through out the day. It’s best to focus on eating wholesome foods for lunch and dinner, and eat fruits for breakfast alone. This plan of eating can be continued as a lifestyle and thus allow for a permanently healthy and fit body.

Should I follow a specific plan for my lunch and dinner also?

Eating fruits for breakfast allows your body the time to “detox” and thus prevents the depositions of wastes in the body even when one is indulging in a slightly unhealthy lunch or dinner based on processed foods, junk foods or fried/fattening foods.

But you would be helping yourself lose weight faster if you would stick to a wholesome lunch and dinner, while indulging your “unhealthy” cravings as moderately as possible.

Whole foods like vegetables (boiled or stir fried), whole wheat preparations, brown rice (or less polished rice), fish (preferably grilled or baked), chicken (lean cuts without skin, grilled or baked), red meats (moderately), lentils etc. not only provide the required calories but also provide dietary fiber and minerals required for a healthy functioning of the body.

Here’s a list of some easily available wholesome foods that also burn fat.

Can I drink coffee or tea with fruits?

It’s best to avoid the consumption of coffee, but one can have green tea 30 minutes, or so, after the consumption of fruits or before the consumption of fruits.

Coffee, or even milk based tea preparation, may create some unpleasantness in the stomach when taken with citrus fruits.

Can I undertake rigorous workout with this breakfast plan?

If you are into aerobics or cardio exercises like running, speed walking, cycling, swimming or skipping, you should have no issues with a fruit breakfast, since fruits can easily compensate for the body’s requirement for calories after these exercises (however, you might have to consume more fruits than a person who is not working out in the morning).

If you are into resistance work outs like lifting heavy weights, you might have to consider having a protein shake after the workout and eating fruits later in the morning. You can also a have a fruit based protein shake (by adding protein powder to fruit smoothies).

In conclusion

Eating fruits for breakfast provides very positive results in your goal towards losing the excess weight in your body.

Try it for a couple of weeks to seek the impact it has on your overall health and on weight reduction per se. Once you see the results you will no want to change this habit/plan of eating.

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  • Happyfruitdiet

    Hi Tim,

    This diet plan worked so well for me, thanks. I lost over a stone (16 pounds) in 5 weeks, having a bowl of orange, kiwi, red grapefruit and white grapes around 8 am and then a banana at around 10.30am. I then had ham and egg , chicken wrap or tuna salad for lunch and a brown rice stir fry with chicken, or tuna steak or even beef mince bolognaise with new potatoes and teaspoon full of parmasan for tea. Raspberries and blueberries to snack on, drank water, coffee and a small glass of red wine at night too! I’m happy where I am with my weight, but still love my fruit in the mornings and how it makes me feel. Thanks again!

  • Nadia

    If I work nights what time will be my detox time? being that I’m up all night.

  • Precious

    Hi Tim, I love your article but I’m worried that it might lead to ulcers? Is that possible?

  • Sara

    I am so glad I came across this article! I am going to try the fruit thing in the morning for a month. Hopefully it helps become thin before my birthday the next month. Thanks again!

  • Ahmad

    Hope it works for me, Thanks Tim.

  • Rutesh

    Tim – Thanks for the nice article. I really feel motivated, will start having breakfast as suggested. Thanks so much. All the best.

  • Tod

    Tim, thank you for the nice article. 12 years ago I moved to Greece and since then I gained ~20 kilograms. This comes from the slower metabolism (I am in my mid-40), sedentary lifestyle (all day behind a desk) and the two-jobs model. In brief, my question/problem is similar to what Austin mentioned above – late sleep due to a second job. I wonder if going to bed late (usually around 3-4 am) destroys the biological clock and eliminates the “the process of excretion” which you mention in your article. (Any reference would be great.) I guess “Yes” (may be at least partially). Just for the last 2-3 years the late go to bed (which reduces my sleep to 4-6 hours) I gained ~10 kilos without increase of the food intake. I sleep enough during the weekend but this seems to worsen the situation.

    Anyway, I like fruits (and eat fruits any time during the day/night) and will try the “fruits only” breakfast @ 8h.

  • Stanford

    Thanks to Tim for putting up an extraordinary page like this, I’m so happy to have accidentally found this site and I’m willing to follow the fruits breakfast. I started the lemon water drink (3 days back) before working out in the morning and already felt good and started the fruits only breakfast today. Am looking forward to fabulous results ever, I think I’ve found a solution for my weight loss problems.

  • Olga

    Love this site starting this tomorrow, thanks guys!

  • Jess

    Many thanks for this enlightening article. Just one question, as you said having a all fruit breakfast till noon helps the detox process and to be even more fast and we have to eat citrus fruits 1st in the morning on empty stomach. I have been drinking dry ginger in luke warm water 1st thing in the morning and one hour later I take all fruit breakfast. So, is it okay to continue with ginger water and then having fruits? Will it be as helpful in weight loss?

  • Kepalm

    Thank God! I only thought that drinking lemon juice in warm water first thing in the morning was the best thing to loose weight. I just started the fruit plan this morning, I’m looking forward to drastic weight loss. Thanks Tim.

  • Andrea

    Question – use real lemon or bottled juice? Drink it hot or cold? Same for green tea? I gave up beef/pork & eggs 2.5 years ago after a visit to Nutritionist. I do portion control, Stevia, Greek yogurt, etc. I am a mid-day snacker who now only eats chip or pretzels or cookie with low calories and at-least 1g + of fiber in my quest to reach fiber quota per day. I take vitamins, garlic tabs, hot Apple cider vinegar drinks, etc. I even read into alkaline & acid foods, beverages & spices to follow. I even started Zumba classes 2xs a week & increased intake of water & or coconut water. My allergies to foods include all shell fish, some fruits & nuts. As a 45 but look 35 to woman, I am 5’10” @ 188 lbs w/ cholesterol count increase from 287 to 305 in 1.5 years. I am 1st time married, perimenipausal and hot flashing at times. I will try your citrus diet for breakfast & rearrange the order of the other healthy things I eat or drink. You do reap what you S.E.E.W.! Sleep, exercise, eat-control & water-up! I’ll try sleeping 7-8 hrs. You work a job for 7-8 hours, why not work for your body & sleep for 7-8 hrs. I will exercise a little more & up the water consumption to reduce my stress, lose 20 lbs, get my period back to Lord willing, have my first baby.

  • Austin

    If your regular sleep schedule (due to work) is from around 3 in the morning to 3 p.m. then what are, if there are indeed any at all, changes in the 4 am-noon detoxification period? Am I simply missing out on the fruit tip you so avidly suggest?

  • Charlotte

    Glad I found this site. Have started it 2 days ago so hopefully will help me like it has others, thanks.

  • Christine

    Oh yes, having whole-fruit breakfast is way more energizing. Been my lifestyle for this past year. Don’t forget to fullfil your water consumption, too! Feel the difference! 😉

  • Def

    Definitely going to try this! I will tell how my progress goes. 🙂

  • Efeezy

    I really do love this. I will start this fruit breakfast tomorrow. I pray I continue and hope for positive results. Thanks!

  • Wengi

    I would like to start on the fruit breakfast diet, I just want to know if I can add fat free yoghurt to the fruits?

  • Maria

    Amazing results, its been a month now and I have been eating all fruit breakfast followed by a low calorie lunch and a light dinner and (no workout). I have lost a lot of weight and I love eating fruits in the morning. I want to continue this diet till I shed all the flab and enjoy my favorite citrus fruits as well!

  • Pamela

    I love fruit and am excited I found this website, my favorite fruit to eat is blueberries, strawberries, grapes and blackberries, are these good fruits to eat until noon? Thanks so much.

  • Cherry

    I realized that i won’t have a lean body if i don’t learn to eat right. I’ve started on adding more fruits and veggies on my diet last weekend and I think that I’ll continue on doing this until I see results.

    Thanks for your article! I’ll let you know the results next week. 🙂

  • Ubaid

    I am on this fruit diet for about 2 weeks now along with 4 liters of water all day, 2 lemons for each liter. I lost around 9 pounds doing this with simple lunch and dinner. Like earlier I used to have late dinner, now I have my dinner at 7:00 pm and I go to sleep at 1:00 am. It’s working for me so far and for others too to whom I told about this routine. Thanks for this article!

  • Tami

    This looks like a simple way to lose weight fast. I am going to try this first thing tomorrow morning. Going to stack up on the fruits now :).

  • Maria

    How about eating an egg at around 11am after having fruits at around 8am. I want to loose weight and I hate Gyming. Also suggest if I can have oats with milk in the morning along with the fruits.

  • Namvar

    Thanks Tim. Fruit Breakfast is not only good for losing weight but is excellent for detoxify digestion system.
    And it results hundreds of benefits that losing weight is only one of them.

    @Vanessa, this is my opinion. Eat only fresh fruits for breakfast. No artificial fruit juice can replace fresh fruit (because of fiber they have). Besides consider them as harmful food.

  • Meghan

    Thanks so much for the article! I started the fruit breakfast 2 weeks ago and I am a lot less bloated and have lost about 4lbs. I am rather picky when it comes to fruit unfortunately, so my breakfast is a blended smoothie of frozen mixed berries and orange juice. I slack a little on the weekends, but I ensure I have a fruit breakfast at LEAST Mon-Fri. What a massive difference it has made in such a short amount of time!

  • Limz

    Very useful article. I have heard that a combination of certain fruits are fattening. I have recently started taking a HUGE bowl of mixed fruits containing apple, banana, grapes, pineapple, guava, orange and dates for breakfast. I usually have lunch later in the afternoon then. I wanted to know if that combination will also work for weight loss since I am having difficulty losing weight after my baby. 🙁

  • Vanessa

    Are artificial fruit drinks good? I mean, company-made juice?

  • Joyce

    Thank u so much for this article. I’ve been trying to lose so weight, especially my tummy. I’ve been walking and jogging at-least 45mins, 5 days a week. I’ll try d fruit only breakfast to compliment my work outs. Thank you so much.

  • Sumaya

    It’s easy, you can eat day by day. First day fruit the other day cereal but most important thing is to walk an hour a day but if you don’t have the time just exercise for 15 minutes on the jumping rope. I did this and lost 10 kilos in 6 weeks!

  • Patrick

    Thanks for the article. Refreshing to read something that gets to the point. One question please. I am 49 and consider myself in decent shape but do have the “love handles” that I would like to get rid of. This plan sounds like it might work. I am however worried though that this fruit diet may cause, let’s say loose bowels. Have you talked with anyone that has experienced this? Thanks again. keep it up!

  • TinaG

    I’ve been on “fruits for breakfast” for only 2 days and feel great! Morning sluggishness is gone and i feel alert and energized! I have also stopped feeling bloated. For the citrus fruits I sip warm water with lemon at 7am then have a bowl of oranges/apple at 8am. For the sweet fruits i eat Papaya at 930am and red water melon at 11am. So, Anonymous is wrong in saying you cannot survive on fruits up to 12 noon! I am simply loving it!

  • Mike

    Here is the thing. Citric food cause stomach problems for some. So sweet fruit is the focus. Fruits are getting expensive these days. The question i,s does eating 1 fruit or no fruit till 12pm helps in weight loss? Because since the elimination process of human body stops at 12pm, so why not fast till 12pm?

  • Ali

    What if we eat vegetables for a morning snack, will it have the same effect?

  • Brian

    @Anonymous, as you suggests the diet plan above, such as COOKED meat and vegetables, sorry to say but they are are not ideal in this busy lifestyle. Who would stick to that food plan during work/homework in the long term? The plan u mentioned is meant for housewives cooking food for herself to lose weight.. They are effective but not practical in the long term..

    I have tried a program with minimal carbs/sugar, unlimited fat and protein. But how do we get our protein and fats if we don’t cook them?

    Furthermore I heard that too much protein promote a risk for obesity (toxin buildup), cardiac problems, cancer and calcium deficiency. Yes you are losing more bones as you consume high protein food.

    Everybody wants an efficient, quick method of weight loss such as taking fiber rich food, vege and eating fruits. Of-course vegges are important, they are detoxing, but eating it in raw form maintains its vitamins and alkaline value.. to conclude fruits is detoxing to the human body but protein is toxifying. In the long run fruit > meat. So more weight loss is found in fruits.

  • Tony Sherrod

    This is my first time reading your article and I’m impressed with such feedback/information. Now I’ve been on my eating as of 3 days of my new change of eating habit and back to working out daily have been eating after dinner more fruit (oranges/tangerines), prior to 7:00 or 8:00pm and even then in the morning I’ve been able to tell a difference: But now hearing about the “Fruit for Breakfast” in the morning I plan on trying the plan to add on to my already loss of 14.lbs and now hopefully this will take me another 15.lbs where I was at 234.lbs when I started 3week ago and now I’m at 220.lbs. Now I do have one question about the “Coffee”. Can or can we not have coffee in the morning especially when it doesn’t cause me any stomach problem when I eat /drink the both meaning fruit/a cup of coffee?


    This program is wonderful because I started doing it a couple of months now because my broken leg is still healing. I could not work out for 6 weeks and I’ve managed to lose quite a lot of inches. Today was the first day back to my 6-day a week, hour workout with the prosthetic boot (it cushions my foot) and I feel great! Especially, my skin. It glows. Now that I can workout again, I know I will reach and maintain my goal of healthy living. I had no idea this website existed, I just did not want to gain weight while I convalesced. It worked!

    @Anonymous: You shoot down a program that’s healthy and works and then invite us into your life? After your putdown, who cares? I mean really. We know there are other methods of weightloss, but we choose THIS ONE!

  • Anil

    Tim, Great work! I’m swinging between two thoughts, a near 0 carb diet, with a high burn protein diet, with almost no fruits, or a Fruit centric diet. The intention is to get rid of over 10 kilos mostly from the middle. Is it recommended to build muscle mass to burn fat faster through this high near Atkins diet? It seems an amazing contradiction of sorts to be on Fruits on the one hand and have heavy protein laden food the other two meals. If one is to combine a bit of both these philosophies as a way of life, would you recommend having just fruits for breakfast and eliminate carbs entirely, and move on to heavy protein diets such as fish and white meat to attain a near ketogenic state for the remaining meals? Deciphering between the two options once one is convinced of the maladies of a carb laden diet is a challenge-Help!

  • Anonymous

    I think there are other effective diet plans to follow to help with weight loss without restricting yourself to fruit every morning for breakfast. You should aim to have the more hearty meals rich in protein and complex carbohydrates earlier in the day. Lot’s of fruit are High Gi, and won’t sustain you until 12pm. I also find a higher sugar craving if I consume sweet fruits earlier in the day as opposed to a bowl of fruit after dinner for dessert. Also for those who exercise in the mornings or find they are generally more active during the early afternoon and less in the evenings it’s better to consume foods higher in complex carbs and protein, and good fats during the earlier part of the day as your body can burn off the calories easier. And although fruit has some fabulous benefits, you must be careful as many are very high in sugar and it is possible to consume too much and ultimately go beyond your TDI for sugar (fructose) .

    I have lost 5 kilos in about 6 weeks through this diet plan for those who are interested.
    Breakfast- 1 cup of natural oats with rice or almond milk (no added sugar and fat free) and some mixed berries, cup of green tea. Or an egg yolk free omelet on a wholegrain piece of toast with tomatoes and mushroom as well as a piece of fruit.The options are endless! The key is too look for foods which are complex carbohydrates, high in fibre and full of protein. They will keep you fuller for longer, limit unhealthy habits of snacking on junk, lower cholesterol, and release energy at a steady rate. I think it’s great to include a piece of fruit every day into your breakfast but by means do you have tor restrict yourself to only fruit to lose weight.

    Lunch: Usually I will include a source of protein, tuna, chicken breast, lean meat, tofu, with at least 3 different vegetables, and sometimes a side of cous cous, or wholemeal pasta.

    Dinner: I try and avoid carbs for dinner and will stick to a soup, or a wholesome salad. Veggies and lean meat are great for dinner options!

  • Sherry

    What do you think about ‘the diet solution program’ book by Isabell? Please give me your thoughts on it.

  • Jim

    I just started on this program. just want to know while sticking to the all-fruit breakfast plan, is it okay to consume fruits (apple, banana, kiwi, oranges) as a snack should I feel hungry after 12pm (while also taking lunch and dinner)?

  • Armando Ortiz

    I wrote before about cereal for lunch or dinner, did you mean raisin bran cereal or raisin barn cause I love raisin bran cereal, but have had no cereal for a month or how about Wheaties and I add raisins? When I started the fruit in the morning program I was at 245lbs first of the year. I am weighing in at 220lbs today still going for it thanks.

  • Shaz

    Tim, you are doing an incredible job. Thanks for the insight, I am off to the fruit section now!

  • Tim(author)

    Heather, it’s a healthy choice. Go for non-fat yogurt if you are looking to cut back on calories. Yogurt is a great source of calcium and this mineral helps with fat metabolism.

  • Deeba Khan

    I am having weight issues so I am happy to read this. I think I will have fruits for breakfast, wheat roti with any roti or daal chicken for lunch and fruits again in diner. And two hours work out including walk and exercise. I am going to follow this. Hope this will work.

  • Heather

    I am currently on an all fruit diet until noon. I have adopted some very unhealthy food choices and my goal is to lose 10 to 20 kilos and I was wondering if it’s okay to include some natural yogurt in with my fruits in the morning and still get the same results? Thanks for your help 🙂

  • Windy Joy

    Found your article while googling if bananas were fattening, lol. I had a full tummy tuck and breast lift on 7/27/11, better known as “mommy makeover”. I enjoy fruits like bananas, oranges, and grapes mainly. Anyway, since I had the surgery I have been fighting swelling, better known as “swell hell”. I have cut out my favorite snack of whole wheat gold fish and went back to my fruit. I have seen such a difference in just a week. The puffiness you described is almost gone.

    I was carrying 12lbs of fluid since my surgery. I am so glad to have found your article, it has eased my mind that people can really swell from poor eating. I never had to deal with swelling, heartburn, or any funky reactions. The Tummy Tuck changed everything. I was forced to face swelling, something I thought would just magically go away when it was ready. I started noticing an increase based on my eating. As soon as J went to the fruits for breakfast & on. Swelling had no chance!

    Thank you for taking the time to share such great information!!!

  • Param, Malaysia

    Thank you Tim for the enlightening article. I have been on a fruit only breakfast regime for over a year and frequently extend it to include lunch as well. I wish to highlight that, apart from losing weight fast, another amazing effect is you loose cravings for ‘heavy’ food as well. Previously, I used to crave for typical ‘heavy’ food, rich with salty and spicy taste especially before lunch or dinner but now, I cant be interested even is such meal is spread in front of me.

  • Sherry

    Me again; if I stick to a fruit breakfast and a sensible lunch will i still get a flatter belly, without exercise? That’s my problem area. Thanks.

  • Rochelle

    About 10 years ago I must have come across the book “Fit for Life” and did the eating fruit in the morning. I generally had a banana at breakfast time and then mid morning at work I would have an apple and some prunes. I still drank tea – about 2 – 3 cups in the morning (not coffee as I have never been a coffee drinker) with milk in it. For lunch I would have crackers with tomato and cheese and then whatever I cooked the family for dinner. It was only the morning food that I changed within my diet.

    I didn’t change any portion sizes or anything. I’ve never been a big eater. I would also exercise in the afternoon instead of the morning. That was due to the fact that I was too busy getting ready for work and the kids for school that there really wasn’t time to exercise in the morning! I would walk for about 25 mins in an undualting area so that I was basically interval exercising – wasn’t something I knew about back then but obviously it worked a bit. I lost about 10kgs.

    I stopped the fruit in the morning plan after I had lost the weight and over the last 10 years have put on about a kilo per year – not sure what that is in lbs but I am in Australia so we are in kilos! I do believe that the fruit in the morning does work. I had been trying to remember what diet is was so googled fruit in the mornings and found your site. It will be interesting to see if it works again this time. I have tried quite a few different things over the last few years to try to get drop a few more of these kilos. I really have to lose it now due to the fact that I have a partially torn plantar fascia in my foot and the extra weight will not help that at all.

    I have had a hysterectomy 4 years ago and am nearly 40 this time, instead of in my late 20’s! So it will be interesting to see if I can lose a little with changing back to just fruit in the morning. Today is day 1! I’ve had pineapple so far this morning and am about to cut up an apple. Later on this morning at smoko (thats what they call morning tea break here!!) I will have some prunes and a banana. Thanks for your site. It has certainly jogged my memory!

  • T . J

    Love the context of the website, it is so insightful and inspiring. Will be going on to the fruit breakfast soon!

  • Tim(author)

    Sherry – Tuna with whole wheat bread and boiled eggs are wholesome foods which can be had for lunch, they are rich in minerals and essential fatty acids while being a great source of protein. Definitely makes for a healthy meal option which can assist you with your weight loss journey.

  • Sherry

    Okay, due to the acid reflux, I’ll eat sweet fruits. Also, how about tuna fish sandwiches and boiled eggs, will that help get rid of the belly? Love your site!

  • Grace

    I am yet to try this fruit breakfast but I feel it will give me a good result!

  • Marie

    This is wonderful! Walking to work after a fruit breakfast instead of any other form of exercising, is that okay?

  • Florence

    This is indeed a very helpful website! I will try fruit breakfast. What if I combine it with light exercises?

  • Vanessa

    Can I mix the fruits with natural yoghurt into a smoothie type mix?

  • Tim(author)

    Sherry – A lot of people who have acid reflux find that eating citrus fruits creates a lot of reflux and hence they avoid it. You can stick with sweet fruits until your acid reflux condition can heal. Actually eating sweet fruits in the morning, and eating plenty of fresh raw vegetables, can help heal your acid reflux issues owing to the strong anti-oxidants present in them which can help inflammation.

  • Sunaina

    Hello Tim, I am really glad I visited this website accidentally 20 days ago. From then I just started this fruit breakfast and the results are incredible. Believe me guys it really gives very good results. Please give it a try if you are seriously looking forward to loose weight. You not only loose weight but there is a shine and glow on your face and you feel rejuvenated and fresh. Have healthy life!

  • Sherry

    I have really bad acid reflux so should I still eat the citrus fruit before the sweet fruit or sweet fruit only? Thanks!

  • Tim(author)

    Lar – Consider eating more vitaminc C loaded fruits like – oranges, kiwi fruits, grapes, tangerines, plums, cherries and apples for breakfast. You can also trying doing some basic aerobic exercises after consultation with your doctors. It’s true that with age our metabolism does slow down, but eating citrus fruits for breakfast can help with it.

  • Jane

    I am yet to try the fruit breakfast but with the comments I’m sure it will work cause my tummy needs reduction.

  • Lar

    Have been following your fruit breakfast program for three weeks now and although I feel certain benefits I have still to experience any degree of weight loss. Perhaps I am expecting such results too quickly. I am in my seventy first year and I suppose weight loss takes longer in my age group. Am I correct? However, I do wish to express my appreciation for your efforts. In the past I have inquired into various diet programs on the internet which ultimately turned out to be simply scams.

  • Rajiv Kujur

    I was searching the internet for healthy eating, basically considering fruits as part of my diet. I came across your site and it is loaded with information. I am going to start this fruit breakfast. I’m sure I’ll be able to see a difference in me. Will post again after trying out this diet. Keep up the good work!

  • Tim(author)

    Sherry – Having fruits from breakfast allows your body to have plenty of time for detox since the digestion of most fruits usually only requires 15-30 minutes. Also citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C that the body uses to metabolize fat from the “fat cells”. So having a fruit breakfast gives you positive results with respect to weight loss and also ensures good health.

    Have a lunch that is filling and provides ample nutrition to your body, don’t starve yourself. If you feel under-nourished (feeling tired all day) it’s an indication that you are not eating enough. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight, just eat right, have plenty fruits and veggies (for snacks) and workout in anyway for at-least 30 minutes a day. Cheese is a good source of calcium, but focus on eating low fat cheese. You can have some fruits after dinner if you have an early dinner – but avoid eating fruits after a heavy dinner because then they might end up fermenting in your stomach due to delay in digestion.

  • Sherry

    Just found your site, I love it! Will I lose weight if I do the fruit breakfast and have salad for lunch? Can I have blue cheese dressing? My salad would consist of lettuce, cheese, mushrooms, garbanzo beans, olives and onions. Also, in the evenings after dinner is fruit a good snack ? Thanks. Can’t wait for your reply – Sherry.

  • Sophia

    You are a fountain of knowledge. I have just started on the fruit for breakfast and already after a couple of days I feel great. Could you recommend any vitamins or diet programs to help me with my weight loss. This time I want to make sure the weight stays off.

  • Sonali

    You are so thorough with your contents, it’s really very helpful. I think eating healthy food in healthy amount is the most important thing.

  • Tim(author)

    Sydney – You may want to try out green tea as a substitute for black tea. Green tea has far more anti-oxidants and is also known to help improve your metabolism.

  • Sydney

    Is it recommended to use artificial sweeteners with black tea as part of the breakfast ?

  • Tim(author)

    Sanya – It’s best to not workout on a full stomach as it can lead to some unpleasantness and even cramping. A simple routine to follow would be to have a some fruits (cut or juiced) 30-45 minutes before the workout so that your body has some easily available calories to help with the rigor of the workout. Since fruits digest within 15-20 minutes it ensures that your stomach is not digesting food while you are working out. After the workout you can have a regular breakfast, an add benefit is that your metabolism will be high after the workout and hence your body would be able to burn the calories, taken in from the meals you have, more efficiently.

  • Sanya

    This might be a little off topic, but I had this question in mind while reading this article. Should I have breakfast after the workout or before it? I’d heard people say two different things and so I’m confused.

  • Edwina

    So can I simply loose weight by eating fruits for breakfast without exercising? Also can I take fruits as supper too?

  • Tim

    @Ravi – If you are looking to lose weight, it may be helpful to only focus on having a fruit-only breakfast for a couple of weeks and test if you are losing weight. Results should be evident in a couple of weeks. If you see positive results, you can look at continuing with the fruit only breakfast plan as much as possible until you attain your ideal weight. It’s okay to eat any type of fruit, but some people have some unpleasantness when they eat citrus fruits with sweet fruits like bananas. Fruits like bananas are more filling than citrus fruits, so if you have a good appetite in the morning you can focus on eating a few bananas and an apple. Fruits are easy to digest and their sugars are easily assimilated by the body, they are also full of minerals that assist in the digestion of sugars without depleting the mineral reserves in your body. You can have an egg, or two, for lunch or a mid-evening snack. Of course, if you have any medical condition you would need to check up with your doctor on the type of diet you need to go on, since I am not a medical consultant or physician I am not in a position to advise on the right diet for diabetic patients.

  • Ravi

    Hi Tim, It’s really good that you have posted such a nice site which helps all of us. I have read in the other article that an egg or two a day is really good and good for breakfast as well and here you say that it’s good to have fruit breakfast. I am confused. Is it okay if I take fruits and egg as breakfast? what do you suggest?

    Can I have 2 eggs along with 2 bananas, grapes and an apple as break fast or do you think I am having too many things at a time? Issue is I don’t have much of citrus fruits; got grapes and lemon as suggested by you. I am having lemon juice in warm water and as said above all these things and wanted to know if i am on the right track.

    Also I heard like that eating banana can increase the sugar levels in the body and would cause diabetics, so doctors suggest not to eat banana if a person is suffering from diabetics. My friend has sugar levels high and doctor said to take care of health and not to eat fatty foods. So please suggest if he can take bananas as breakfast.

  • Tim(author)

    @Tiaan – Eating a fruit breakfast, especially citrus fruits, can allow for a speedy lose of fat around these regions. Take up an aerobic workout like jogging in the morning (increasing your mileage and intensity on weekly basis). Jogging coupled with fruit breakfast is sure to deliver positive results with respect to losing fat around the waist and hip region, and build muscular thighs.

  • Tiaan

    Hi There, I’m a 21 year old guy with a big build. I’m build like a rugby player. I have a problem with fat around my waist, thighs and butt. Will I lose weight by cutting back on coffee and the other bad food choices and replacing it with water and fruits? I love apples! Thanks!

  • Aparna

    Thanks for this article, it’s gratifying! I have been eating fruits for breakfast for about 5 months now, and it’s been miraculous. 2-3 days of following this immediately trims the inches around my tummy, and the breakfast makes my body strong enough that week-long vacations with junk food don’t do too much damage (nothing that days back on the fruit wagon can’t solve, anyway). Also, my skin glows and shines. Definitely, fruit breakfast benefits are clearly visible.

  • Lilly

    Oops sorry, the tomato juice was just a comment although nothing related to the topic. It just annoys me that I can’t have all these fruits that are so rich in vitamin C :-).

  • Lilly

    Thanks Tim. Tomato juice is something that doesn’t go down well with me either. I’ve tried the lemon juice in water in the past but it still irritated me. But I think sticking to the base fruits might be a good idea.

  • Lilly

    Thank you for your website its very informative.

    I would love to eat the following fruits (Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Grapefruit, Grapes, Tangerines, Pineapples etc.) but I find that they are very acidic and tend to give me a heart burn straight away? Therefore what is the best solution for this?

    • Tim(Author)

      Lilly, you can try eating more “base” fruits like water melon, cantaloupe, sweet melons, apples, papaya and custard apple. You can have a glass of lemon juice (squeeze lemon juice in plain water) an hour or so after having the fruits if you wish to add more Vitamin C to your breakfast.

  • Jayendran.K

    I tried Fruit only breakfast for a week as per your article and the result was wonderful. I’m not an obese person, but have a slight tummy coming up. Now I feel flat in my tummy and my face is more radiant!