5 Simple Hip Slimming Exercises (For Maximum Burn)

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Do you have a problem with wide hips? Wide hips can result from two factors; the first one being the size of the hip bone and the second one being the deposit of excessive fat around the hips.

You cannot do much about the bone structure as it cannot be changed, but if your issue is with excessive fat, there are many hip slimming exercises which you can try at home to reduce the accumulated fat.

Aerobic exercises combined with a few gym exercises can really help you burn fat around the hips to the maximum.

Let us start with the aerobic exercises.

Light Aerobic Exercises for Slimmer Hips

The longer you do aerobic exercises the more fat and calories you will burn.

Light aerobic exercises will help you burn down the overall body fat which in-turn will firm your hip muscles slimming them down. Here are a few light aerobic exercises that you can try:

1.) Walking or Jogging

Walking or Jogging is perhaps the best way to reduce your overall body fat.

This is especially great to lower body fat around the hips, waist and the butt.

As I mentioned earlier, the longer you do the exercise the more fat you will burn. You can always walk or jog for a longer period of time. The same is not true with running or weight training.

Get up early in the morning and start walking or jogging and keep at it for at-least 45 to 50 minutes. The sweat coming out of your body is an indication that you are doing it right. Sweat will also help you keep your skin supple and clean. So you have another great advantage here.

While walking, try to take longer steps than the usual. This will help you workout your hip and butt muscles better.

2.) Cycling/Biking

If you don’t know how to ride a cycle or have not done it for a long time, it’s time to get back to the basics. Buy a bicycle and get started.

You need not cycle too hard or fast. Just maintain a slow and steady pace. If you don’t feel comfortable venturing outside on a bicycle, you can always get yourself an indoor exercise cycle.

But I would still recommend biking outside as this helps the body build balance and makes for a stronger and effective workout routine.

Remember that cycling is one of the best and the easiest exercise to reduce hips.

3.) Inline Skating

Yes, inline skating is not only for fun, it has other advantages too.

Skating is equal to walking often putting much less strain on your body and actually helping you have fun with exercise. Get yourself the proper protection gear and experiment with inline skating.

If you think you are not able to balance or carry the weight, discontinue with this and get back to walking or cycling.

You can always get back to inline skating after losing a few more pounds of weight.

Hip Firming Exercises

There are some effective gym exercises which will help you strengthen and firm your hip muscles. The first one is squats and the other one is lunges:

1.) Squats for Hip Strengthening

Squats if done right can help you strengthen hip muscles along with reducing fat. But it is very important that you perform squats with a professional gym trainer. Not doing squats properly can cause strain to your muscles. The video below illustrates the exact procedure for doing squats:

For best results, you can do around 5 to 8 squats per set, give a break for 10 seconds and do another set of 5 to 8. Repeat this and do around 5 sets. As your muscles strengthen, you can increase the number of squats per set.

2.) Lunges for Hip Firming

If you have not tried lunges so far, you are missing out on the benefits of a great butt reduction and hip slimming exercise. There are many different ways by which you can perform lunges. We recommend the drop down knee version.

Here’s how it is done:

  1. Take two weights (barbells) and hold them in each hand.
  2. Now stand up straight with your feet around three feet apart.
  3. Once you are ready, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle. When you are bending your knees drag your left knee towards the floor.
  4. Now come back to the starting position by pushing through the right heel and repeat with the right knee down.
  5. Repeat this for about 10 to 15 times. You can always start out repeating lesser number of times and increase the frequency as you progress.

Check the following video for a beginner’s tutorial:

If you have problems performing any of these exercises, you can take help from a professional initially. Once you are familiar with the steps, you can start doing it on your own.

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  • Lee

    I really want to reduce my hips, but because of my busy work no time for jogging. What kind of indoor exercises can I do before going to work?

  • Anonymous

    Can jogging at one place (for about 50 minutes) help in reducing hip fat?

  • Anushka

    Cycling is really effective guys. You just need to do continuous cycling for 20-25 minutes. That is enough for a day. Be regular. Cycle daily. what can be more simple than just 20-25 minutes workout bringing wonderful results. See you on the ride!

  • Vandana

    I am having fat in my upper hip portion, kindly suggest some ways to get rid of it.

  • Raksha Jain

    All these exercises are very useful but can we do these exercises during the mid day or after lunch or dinner? This is because I get time in the evening only.

  • Saskia

    I’ve found that swimming is actually the quickest way to reduce buttocks/hips/thighs. Although it may depend on the kind of stroke you do.

  • Fathima

    I’m in very bad shape, need to reduce my hip. That is the most awkward part of my body!

  • Andre

    I recommend jogging for everyone seeking hip reduction. It reduced my hips drastically under a month.

  • Forgotten

    A free tip to everybody here. Build your muscles but take time with it. Do all sorts of exercises but keep in mind that a complete stretching exercice to back and the body will develop in all correct proportions.

  • Lila Waddington

    I am glad I found this site. I am currently working out with the help of the “Biggest Loser Workout Video” starring Bob and some of people who have been on the show. I have been doing it for a week and I will keep doing it since I can feel a difference already. Some exercises include lunges, squats, etc. I am also getting up early and walking normally for a mile and half to three and half miles but I haven’t been consistent on the walking but I know I need to. I have pretty wide hips but I think it is a combo of both bone and extra fat. So I will do my best with the Lords help. So I encourage all out there do what you can and God bless you in achieving your goals.

  • Summer Martin

    I am about 200 lbs and have been trying to lose some weight here and there and it just seems impossible. I’m hoping that trying some of these exercises will help because I have very wide hips, and it’s not fun when you can barely find jeans that fit you in all the right places. So I hope that these work.

  • Damilola makinde

    These techniques really work for me.

  • Patience Moemeka

    I really like the walk and jogging exercise which was effective for me, but with my change of work, I find it difficult to do that again because of lack of time.

  • Anonymous

    Stick with a workout routine for at least a month or two. If you see no improvement, that means you should try something else.

  • Patience Mibaam

    I really want my hips to reduce. I have tried several techniques but it did not work. What can I do please?

  • Xandy

    I really want my hips to reduce but I don’t know how to be consistent in my exercise!