What does a healthy diet consist of the million dollar question

healthy diet

The first requirement for a healthy diet is that is should be free of meat.

That's right no non-vegetarian food is good for the human body. Whether it be mutton, fish, beef or chicken, none of it is beneficial towards your health.

The ideal diet should consists of the below

  • Fruits (for breakfast)
  • Vegetables raw and steamed (for lunch) along with rice if you want
  • Vegetables raw and steamed (for dinner)
  • Nuts like peanut, cashew, almonts and other dried fruits for snack

If you stick to this diet it would be impossible for any disease to effect have a hold on you. Your mind would clear and body will feel fresh. You will feel alive with energy.

The role of condiments in cooking

While we are discussing healthy diet it is important to understand the effect of condiments in cooked food. Is it good for you?

The answer is no, not at all. All condiments serve to do is stimulate your nerve ending which is bad for you. Nerve like to stay in a soothed state.

What the usual condiments you use in your cooking: Salt, chilly, vinegar, mustard and various other spices.

Spices are used to add taste to food. They serve no purpose as far as health is concerned. You will derive no benefits out of eating spice because they are dead food. Salt is processed deal inorganic product. Your body hates it.

It is not possible to digest salt or any other spice for that matter. Salt is irritating to the linings your stomach. In order to flush salt from your body there craving for water which you experience as excessive thirst after a meal. Salt is poison for your body.

Various diseases including high blood pressure are link to salt intake in our flood. In order to flush out the salt, blood carries more water and thus blood plasma becomes thin. This results in high blood pressure.

What does a healthy non-vegetarian diet consist of?

If you must eat non-vegetarian it is best to eat it with raw vegetables. The water content of the vegetables will aid in the digestion of meat and you will not face ill effects like constipation.

Never mix rice, baked & fried potatoes or any other starchy food with non-vegetarian food. Its toxic for digestion. Each meat when you eat meat, don't mix it with any other food except raw vegetables. You will be amazed at the digestive benefits.

So great combinations for non-vegetarian food would be as below

Grilled chicken with a vegetable salad made from tomatoes, radish, carrot and cucumbers (with the dressing of your choice). Just make sure you don't put salt or vinegar in your salad.

Grilled fish with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

Grilled meat or roasted meat with big plate of raw vegetables consisting of cabbages, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes and beet.

Grilling your meat is way better than frying it or roasting it in oil. When you grill the meat the fat does not get charred. Roasting meat leads to the production of several carcinogenic toxins which are highly harmful.

Broiled meat is the second best choice. Avoid salt as much as possible. If you must use salt, go in for sea salt it much less harmful. But make sure you use salt in as little a quality as possible.

Never mix rice or starchy food with meat as it causes several digestive problems. Starchy food requires alkaline juices for digestion whereas non-vegetarian food requires acidic juices. The acid and alkaline juices mix in the stomach and neutralize each other, and the food does not get digested at all.