Disadvantages of being a vegetarian Top 10

disadvantages of being a vegetarian

Keep in mind that these disadvantages are for people who eat pure vegan diet which does not include diary products.

If you are non vegetarian this is a must read

  • You will lose excess weight, so if you love your fat then you are in for a big loss.
  • Your digestion will improve tremendously. If you love acidity, acid influx and flatulence then you are gonna hate this.
  • There will be far less toxins in your body, if at all. For people who love toxins this is a bummer.
  • Animals derive their proteins from plant proteins. So vegetarians get their proteins directly from the source instead of indirectly from animals. So the body has to work less at deriving nutrition, another bummer for people who love sluggishness.
  • Chemical carcinogens are found in meat along with cancer viruses found in the tumors of animals, to bad vegetarians are never gonna get a taste of this.
  • Lack of fiber in non vegetarian food causes constipation. Too bad vegetarians are never gonna face it, long hours spent in the loo is a bliss inst it?
  • Non vegetarian diet is high in fat, high fat diet is linked to cancer and other degenerative diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and hepatitis. A vegan would have a far less chance of every contracting these diseases, if at all. That's too bad right?
  • Meat is deficient in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber. It is high in concentrated protein which cannot be digested by human body. So most of what non vegetarians eat is wasted. A vegetarian diet is choke full of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, amino acids and glucose, that's a big negative for people who love nutrition less food.
  • The toxic waste produced by animals is stored in their liver and bladder, toxic hormones are generated by animals during their terrified encounter with death, a diseased animal carries bacteria, dead meat undergoes purification and picks up molds spores and yeast. Too bad vegetarians are never ever going to get a taste of such goodies.

That's the reality. The disadvantages of being a vegetarian is ZERO. There are no disadvantages because its natural food, which humans were meant to eat.

Are you ready to face some ugly realities of meat eating

Just think about the sausages and frankfurters, they are processed meat. Basically meat tissues packed together to create a compact processed meant. Do know what these meat tissues could be taken from?

  • Bladder
  • Liver
  • Snout
  • Udders
  • Eyes and ears
  • Skin and bones

Because its all processed meat you can never find out exactly what went into it. There are health regulations but there is no guarantee that the meat producers are following it, is there? After all they are just looking for profit.

A non vegetarian food is always high in fat which is not easy to digest and assimilate energy from. Cholesterol deposits along the arties due to high fat diet lead a host of problems including heart attack.

Vegetarian food prevents 97% of diseases related to arteries from occurring in our body. Vulnerability to heart disease was found to be only 23% in vegetarians compared to the 65% chances in meat eaters. That's huge difference.

Your taste buds are misguiding

You would argue the meat tastes good and you cannot live without it. The fact is that you just habituated to non vegetarian food, it has nothing to do with taste.

Can you imagine that the taste which you associate with meat usually comes from the nitrogenous toxins present in the body cells of a dead animal?

Once you get habituated to vegetarian cooked food and raw food, you will be amazed at the various tastes and textures available. Its like a whole new experience of awakening to the truth of healthy food.