Are Grapes Fattening? Or Do They Burn Fat?

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The answer is “absolutely not”. Grapes make for one of best fresh fruits available for consumption and you can’t ever have enough of it. It makes for a great breakfast, a yummy snack and a tasty after dinner dessert.

Grapes are packed with energy and nutrition but they are not fattening at all. Let’s see how.

Grapes are so sweet, how is it that they are not fattening?

Calorie counting has become the norm, and people want to know the calorie count in a food before they put it in their mouth.

But it’s vital to remember that calorie counting should be restricted to processed and refined foods alone. Don’t bother bringing it to natural foods like fruits and raw vegetables. Fruits are sweet and packed with calories, but they are not “weight inducing” calories.

Most fruits are “fat burners” and grapes top the list.

The “French Paradox” cites the example of how a nation which tucks into some of the “fattiest” foods still retains a low obesity count. The secret was found to be in the “red wine”, that the French consume in good quantities, made from some of the best purple grapes rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, resveratrol and polyphenols.

Grapes are natural cholesterol burners. Many doctors recommend patients with high cholesterol levels to drink grape juice or eat grapes on daily basis. Purple grapes are richer in their mineral and “antioxidant” content as compared to the “paler” grapes.

From a pure calorie perspective, one bunch of grapes weighing 150g would provide you with approximately 104 calories, the bulk coming from carbohydrate. 1% calorie comes from fat, and this is good fat we are talking about. The carbohydrate in the form of “fructose” is easily assimilated and provides instant fuel for the body.

There are no toxic wastes, or fat deposits, generated by eating grapes and so you will not put on “fat” anywhere in your body by consuming these luscious fruits.

The best time to eat grapes

You can eat grapes anytime during the day, but the best time would be in the morning on empty stomach.

Start your morning with a glass of thick grape juice, or better yet just tuck into a big bunch of grapes. Seedless varieties have a better appeal because of the ease of eating and the richer taste.

When you eat grapes for breakfast, you are sure to notice a significant weight loss in a couple of weeks.

This is because grapes are natural “cholesterol” burners, and the high fuel content in these fruits helps the body gain energy to perform “cleansing” activities which induce weight loss.

Grapes are packed with vitamins and mineral. It’s a rich source of Vitamin A, C and B6 along with folate. Grapes are loaded with minerals like iron, zinc, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium. So this fruit makes for a great health supplement, while also acting as a “fat burner”.

Other health benefits of eating grapes

The presence of “polyphenols” in grapes makes it a rich antioxidant food, this means that it’s your security against cancer and tumors.

Grapes are known to reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the blood and also prevent the arterial plague formation. Grapes are great for your eyes, as they help strengthen the ocular muscles and help reduce the probability of cataract formation.

Grapes fact sheet

If you are suffering from hypertension, you must drink a glass of grape juice on daily basis. You will be amazed at how well grapes help in regulating blood pressure. Red wine is recommended for hypertension patients for this very reason.

In conclusion, grapes make for a rich health food. Grapes are not fattening but on the contrary are voted to be great fat burners. So enjoy the lusciousness of this tasty fruit and reap the health benefits that it affords.

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  • sonni

    I hv been eating grapes daily for a long time. It comes at a total surprise when my mom told me today that this was the reason why I hvnt been able to loose weight. She told me and she was totally convinced, that she saw an episode on, of all shows, Dr. Oz, he stated grapes help you add on the weight bcuz of the calories. I’m sick and tired of these TV personalities using their celebrity as a platform to play god. Yes Dr. Oz is a true board certified physician. All the reason why I feel he should exercise a little bit more responsibility when it comes to certain subjects like what constitutes weight gain or weight loss. I’m gonna eat grapes daily as long as I hv teeth in my mouth to chew them. I’m not over weight now nor will I ever be, bcuz of grapes. Its the best snack God himself ever created, and that’s a fact!

  • Emily

    Wow i learned alot. I defiantly will be eating more grapes nd starting from tommorow its grapes for breakfast. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I really do like grapes and I purchased 3 kinds today green red and purple grapes so with the knowledge that I just obtained, I am so glad to know that they are not fattening However I will make it a point to eat them in the morning instead of at night which that’s what I’ve been doing thank you thank you so much and I will let you know the results..

  • Karen N.

    I just had a bunch of grapes after reading this article and would be having them for breakfast starting tomorrow.

  • I love having grapes in the morning as a pre-breakfast and I don’t have a weight problem nor does the sweetness of the grapes cause my blood sugar levels to go crazy but I like to take mine from the fridge and run very warm/hot water over them. I’m not a biggie on very much that is cold unless it’s 2 things; pizza or frozen yogurt. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for such useful information. I will eat grapes every morning and see if I can lose the weight. I have stomach problem so will it effect on my stomach?

  • lynne Hey

    Glad I read your article. Two of my friends said that grapes were really fattening. I have been trying to loose weight and have been eating grapes, plums and bananas instead of bread and chocolate. I felt a bit let down when I heard they were fattening now I know they are not; I will tell them with much pleasure, Thank you!

  • Eve

    I was told red grapes were fattening by a friend so it is great to know they are not as I have a very sweet tooth and have just started eating them. Will try them for brekkie, thanks!

  • Trena

    Great to hear that grapes help with weight loss because I love them and the best way to eat them in the summer is frozen.

  • Kessa

    I love eating grapes and recently have been tucking into them quite regularly and search a nutrition book yesterday to find out its nutritional value. This article has been a lot of extra info to what I already knew. PS: I too freeze grapes and enjoy them much more!

  • Gumbo

    Thank You! The more red grapes I eat, the more I want! I believe that our bodies will tell us what it needs, if we just listen to it. So, there must be something in them that my body needs more of, because I can’t get enough of them. I was concerned that they might cause weight gain, but now, thanks to your article, I can be assured that they won’t. And, after reading these comments, I’ve learned a new way to enjoy them – frozen! Thank you to the person who shared that idea! Very helpful article and I can’t thank you enough!

  • DJ

    I usually wash my grapes in cold water, pat them dry and put them in the freezer. There’s nothing like eating frozen grapes! Delicious!

    • Anonymous

      I tried eating frozen grapes about a month ago and I stock up and eat em almost every day and night . Now that I know that it contributes to weight list I will be eating em for breakfast.

  • Tinagirl

    Thanks for this info. I will not miss drinking a cup of grape juice everyday.

  • Chris Jones

    When grapes are in season & so sweet I wash them & put them into a bowl in the fridge. When I get the nibbles I grab a handful. Not sure of the sugar levels being sweet but I hope not high as my family has a history of sugar diabetes .

  • Jean Walker

    I love grapes but was scared to eat them, being so sweet I thought they would be fattening. This article was very enlightening. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Great news! I am just about to tuck in to a large carton of red grapes. Thought I’d do a little research as they are the first thing I eat today. Time to dig in! Thanks!

  • Emma

    I was so glad to hear this. One of my friends criticized me for eating a handful of nuts and a cup of grapes, because she told me I’d never lose weight eating that. How wrong she was!

  • Tracy

    Really good article. I love the red grapes. Would love to have for breakfast but would having them with weetabix still be okay?